Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On Hold.

Busy, busy weekend. No pictures as yet.

Did many house and yard chores. Mundane. Grocery shopping, scouring the thrift shops for art, craft supply shopping. Passport photos for Larry. First aid for the lady who ran her scooter into the parked car in front of the house. Bloody, icky mess. Much scariness. Larry went dumpster diving and scored what must have been every display model Victoria's Secret tossed when they remodeled, all pink and white polka dots. Can we say art projects? We do not have the dog's body, only the dog head. Genius in the kitchen working on his Eclectic 11 Steampunk Elephants prints. Me, painting, and painting some more, sorting art.

New kitchen sink faucet, all gleaming chrome, very nice handles and sprayer, none of that one-touch lever crap for me. Now my sink looks like a sad old piece of crap; I get a new sink and Formica counters next year. Why Formica? Vintage kitchen, upgraded counters would look silly in this fifties era home.

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archersangel said...

i don't like the one lever thing on sinks myself.