Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spider Bite?

So yesterday wiped me out, but last night was horrible. I woke up around three, every joint burning and sore and near impossible to move. It felt like hot bolts in my knees and toes and I could not close my hands. WTF? I had one red itchy bump on my left inner arm, like a hive. I managed to go back to sleep. This morning the bump is almost gone and the joints hurt, but not a third as intensely. I feel like crappola. Everything hurts and my head feels stuffed full of wet cotton. The only other time I have felt like this was a couple years a go when I got a spider bite on the back of my knee. Not sure if that's what this is, and the red bump didn't look bite-ish, but I can't think of any explanation which fits. Eating nightshades has a similar effect, but they are differences in the type and quality of joint pain.

Today will be low key. I have no choice, I can't move.

And the cat threw up; I went to get paper towels. Came back, no puke. Huh? Dang dog ate it, YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!

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archersangel said...

that dang dog! ew indeed.

hope you feel better.