Friday, April 25, 2008

Annoyed as Heck, but I got over myself.

Okay, I put in my art grant application to bring the Home for Wayward Art to Element 11, the Utah regional Burn. I got a nice reply back, and a query: couldn't we camp separate from the art project? They'd like it in Center Camp. Uh, no, it doesn't work that way. The Home needs a lot of curating and oversight or it gets empty, gets cluttered, gets MOOPy. It is a process, not a finished product; it is dynamic, not static. If our new organizers/event planners had been to the last two or three burns, they'd know that. I refuse to camp apart from my art; I relish the interactivity of people stepping around to the shade structure to talk art. Screw Center Camp, I might drift by the one at the big burn once during the event, so I am completely unattached to the idea. I don't want to look after the Home if I have to schlepp across the stupid salt marsh. It goes where I go. That's the vision. If they want something else, ask someone else. I am so irritated that selling my tickets and concentrating on Dark Skies is beginning to feel good.

Meh, if they won't place us, it will go up wherever we choose to camp.

P.S. already settled it, they sent the map, we have gotten over the bump in the learning curve for both of us. Ah, the joys of communication. Actually, I really love these people when I'm not all bitchy and irritated with life. Sigh, perimenopause, U R makin mai lief sucking!

Pictures: The Home for Wayward Art: Utah regional version 2007, 2006, Burning Man 2005, 2006, 2007.

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archersangel said...

so did you get a nice spot?