Thursday, April 10, 2008

Haunted Honeymoon Suite, Done! Kinda.

Okay, this room is as finished as it is going to be for now. I have tiny books, real printed books, like Poe, on the way. Those will be "tossed" on the chaise lounge. I need, and do not have, half scale luggage or a trunk and traincase, a bouquet, a rug, a screaming bride and an empty tuxedo. Maybe some wedding flowers, like a wreath or swags with white ribbons. These will come along as I find them, or find patterns or kits to make them. Patience, patience.

The pictures: Yay! The washstand is finished! Have you ever tried marbling that small? Or gluing on tiny knobs? Yes, the drawers open. The pitcher is a creamer from a doll's tea set, the hand mirror is laser-cut and came from my big dollhouse. The Suite. Yes, the lamp and the vase on the side table are leaning over, I just don't want to reach in and fix it right now. The Rembrandt copy, not my best work, but I love the laser-cut frame, wish I could find more frames like that! The BnB, side three view.