Sunday, April 13, 2008

Love Shack

Hell, I don't know what else to name the little house which is being dropped in my backyard. I was against the whole idea, but I am starting to warm up to it. Larry insisted it would only take a day; but no, especially since the instructions suck ditch water and he and Desi had to reposition the walls a couple times. He's out there this morning, putting up the rafters so he can tarp it; there's rain forecast for Tuesday or Wednesday. I told him it was a two or three day endevour, but he didn't believe me! I'm usually right.

The pictures: Building a foundation; the rail ties were free from when he worked for Armadillo shuttling rail crews. Ogden City requires a permit if we put in a concrete or gravel pad. Wouldn't be surprised if we weren't breaking half a dozen city ordinances, Ogden is weird. The shed, some assembly required. Building the floor. Good neighbors helping to move the floor from the driveway to the yard. Not as easy as it sounds, there's a fence and overheard lines to deal with, it had to be moved flat. First wall up, in the wrong place. You hold, I'll nail. Some of the nailing had to be done from the neighbor's yard. Fortunately Annabelle the Big Dog was friendly. Fourth wall on! That leaves the rafters, the eaves, the roof, and the loft. And moving the compost heap back a few feet and shingles and paint and THEN I get to do flowerboxes.

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archersangel said...

building projects always take longer than you thought. i'm sure it will be a nice addition to your yard.