Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Love Shack, II

Larry has a few hours before he has to pick up raw steel and run it up to Pokie (Pocatello, ID) and run a different set of raw steel back down to West Jordan tomorrow morning. He decided to put up the top sections of the end walls and try to get the roof panels on. The shed had a blue tarp for a little while, and he'll put that back on until he gets to shingle. It is dull and overcast outside, rained and snowed and hailed yesterday. The water in the birdbath was frozen solid this morning. Brrrr!

Pictures: The dead arbors between the garden and the shed. The wisteria vine look okay, it is leaning on what's left of it's arbor; the logs on the ground are the old rose arbor from in the corner where the shed is now. The climbing rose was in the neighbor's yard, it finally aged and died. Shed with just a tarp over the roof beams, securing the tarp. Screwing around! The shed with the end pieces up, but not the outer finish trim which supports the roof panels.

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archersangel said...

it looks like it's coming to gether nicely.