Monday, April 28, 2008

Health? What's that?

Dad had a couple cancerous spots taken off his upper lip, not a big deal, he has this done often. Too much sun on the flight deck and nowhere near enough sunblock for decades. Anyway, the one spot is gone, as usual, but the second spot still has cancer cells. He couldn't remember exactly what kind ... he says not basal or squamous, but it isn't melanoma, so it has to be one of the others. I asked him to ask his doctor for sure, but he won't. That's his idea of not worrying me. A specialist from Logan is coming down to do microscopic removal, it may be cancer but it is still in the treatable stages. He's in his 80s, he doesn't want to fool around with treatment if it gets bad. Hard to take, but I can understand him. Lots of backstory here I can't describe in words.

My brother is on medical hold from his job. He fell, did a real face plant, was taken to the ER for stitches, had nasty black eyes. The fall had nothing to do with his myeloma; but they put him on hold anyway. He went in for training, that's paid, and they lent him a company car to go to Salt Lake to see their union doctor. That's paid too. He'll miss shifts until the doctor releases him to work or not. He wants to work, they need not only the pay, but the insurance. UTA must not fire him because he is having expensive treatments. That's lawsuit territory and you bet he would. He's taking it slow, working as long as he can. He isn't sick yet, well, maybe a little tired some days, but he feels alright. He looks a lot better since I got him started on milk thistle. If they do let him go for medical reasons, he'll go on disability, but his insurance will run out too soon. IHC will still treat him, they do charity work, but it will be rough. His Dang Wife needs to get a Dang Job that is something other than $7 an hour three hours a school day tutoring. If she doesn't pick up the slack, because his adult kids sure as hell can't fend for themselves much less the family, she is going to lose the house. No doubt. And I won't give her a penny past what's coming from dad once my brother is gone. I know she's going to want to sink a lot of money fixing up dad's house, but it isn't worth it in this market, not at all. A good thing I am sole executor. My brothers are cool, as is Sue, but Silly SIL is a real piece of work.

Example, Larry worked his butt off yesterday, all day clearing the garage and patio, moving things in to the shed, prepping my garden, running errands, well, it was a ton of stuff to do and only half finished. She calls around suppertime as we're closing up. She wants him to bring the trailer to move an entertainment center from her sister's house to hers. I told her he was busy, but she kept whining and waffling and not hearing "no, he's tired, maybe next week." So I sent Genius along. I warned him that he had to go because she always has one more thing and Larry wont' say no. Sure enough, the entertainment center was not the only piece, there was a computer desk too. Oh, it will only take a moment to unhook the computer and move all that stuff. Yeah, right. They moved the damn desk. It was after ten when they got back, Genius was amused and said I was right. I was steamed, but it does no good, I do want to help my brother, and he knows his wife drives me bat-shit crazy. She talks big on communication, but when you really talk to her, she ignores that which she does not care to hear or deal with. ARGH!

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