Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring already, dagnabbit!

Rain and snow and hail, all mixed up outside. I have the remnants of the cold settled into my sinuses, and so a nasty headache has taken hold today. I took all the medicines the doctor has given me, drank hot tea and hot cider, took the hot bath, used the hot compress, took naps. Argh. I hate it when my teeth ache from above, and the back of my skull feels like it is trying to do a continental shift.

MyLarry went to Pokie yesterday, and then Vegas, he should be home by midnight. He was off on Monday, we went on errands after Desi got off work. He wanted a garden shed, and showed me the nice little one in the flyer. We get to the Big Box Store and the little metal shed is indeed a piece O' keerap. I was miserable by then, it was cold and raining, I wanted to go home. He did indeed, buy a garden shed, then whined because it was too late and too dark and too wet to get it put up. Twelve months, same as cash, I can manage it, but that was NOT in the budget. Nope, he got one that is four times as much as the one he originally picked out. Plus paint and shingles and a driplip or some such nonsense. At least it came with a floor kit. He did ask about a military discount, and lo and behold! Got 10% off. Lowe's does give a MD, but only if you ask for it. Good to know. And so does Michael's Crafts, BTW. It maybe his money, he earns it and he works hard, but it is MY budget. That's the deal.

His peace offering to me: I get to paint the shed any way I like once he has the base coat on. Desi and I are planning a panel with the Man, and a big Trash Fence mural.

I should garden this year; the price of lettuce is getting stupid. I have a garden; I have just neglected it since I got sick back in 2004. That's one long depression; minor, but there it is.

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