Sunday, April 20, 2008

Got to Get Back to the Garden

Yesterday Larry finished shingling the Love Shack. Windy as all get out and he worked all day, he was putting finishing touches on at twilight. He was frustrated trying to lay roofing felt while it was so windy, and he'd forgotten that while I am not afraid of heights, I am afraid of ladders. Terrified. He yelled at me, which is so rare as to be remarkable. There, I remarked. The roof is done, he wants to do some interior work, caulking, reinforcing the floor, a peg board. The exterior will need a good coat of paint or two; I'm thinking dark mossy or spruce green so the shed "fades" into the yards.

I worked on the garden and got seeds into the ground; lettuce, celery, carrots, broccoli, dill and yet another variety of basil. I still have several types of squash and two types of beans to plant. In the herb bed, I added cinnamon basil and Greek oregano from pots and sage from seed. More basil too. There's parsley and lime thyme and a ton of lemon balm up from last year. Desi cleared it for me a few days ago. I put some flower seeds in the containers under the scrub oak, and the long containers will go on the south side of the shed after it is painted.

In the front section of my veggie garden the rhubarb, chives, and strawberries are up, plus the black hollyhocks and the red poppies. I still need to weed some more, the grass gets in around the flowers and strawberries and must be taken out by the roots one piece at a time. Tedious and painful on the back and hips and hands. Arthritis is not our friend. I did some yesterday and broke out in a terrible rash. I tried weeding again today and the rash came right back. I hate taking benadryl, but sometimes it helps. I still have to get the grass out, so I hope I clear up soon.

This afternoon there were three quail in the backyard. Enchanting. I hope the neighbor cats don't eat them. And a blue jay drinking out of my dirty bird bath, which was frozen solid Friday morning!


Servidores said...
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archersangel said...

the shed looks nice. good luck with the garden.