Thursday, April 3, 2008

Step Away from the Kitchen

So I'm feeling another notch better and decided to get some baking done. Had some wheat-sesame crunchy things, but they're bland. I got the brilliant idea to mix them up granola style with nuts and banana chips and cocoanut, and bake a sweet crusty glaze on them. Used regular foil instead of no-stick, forgot to spray the foil with cooking oil. Big sticky mess, although most of it is edible; I hope no one minds mining for foil with their fillings.

I left the oven on because MyLarry's cookies were next. Wandered off, got distracted, left my gas oven going for an hour. Sigh. Then the cookies ... somehow I got the sugar-liquids-flour mix off. Instead of nice chewy cookies which hold their shape; I got flat crumbly discs. I am not pleased. And they don't taste as good as usual. Too much sugar, dough too wet, too little white flour and too much whole wheat. I haven't botched cookies in ages. They are edible, but not my best effort.

So now I have a range to clean, a floor to sweep and mop, a counter, cutting boards, cookie sheets, cooling racks and more to scrub. Screw that. I decided bread was a Bad Idea today.

No work on the dollhouse, still hacking and my eyes are funky. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll stain and paint and upholster ya tomorrow. Spent entirely too much time online, on Skiffy and DeviantArt and eplaya. Bad Maggie!

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archersangel said...

i can never make anything right when i'm sick. even if it's just a sandwich.