Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bells, Bows and Balls.

I love holiday decorating. I got a slow start this year, sometimes I am just Not Into It. This is One of Those Times.

I had mylarry drag the boxes into the front room, except for the big silk garland box, and the biggest ornament box, and the blown glass box. I haven't had a full sized tree in a while, I could never fit all the ornaments on one of these little ones. He left the lightbox down in the basement too, that sucker is heavy. I hit the red velvet bows first; the carriage lamp outside looks like a giant candy cane and the porch has several big bows and a wreath to the side of the door. I don't hang the wreath on the front door because my glass storm door smushes it. I have a long red bow with streamers for the door. Pretty.

I got the bows done and tackled the three inflatable ornaments next. I huffed and puffed and blew them up, shiny plastic balls in bright colors. They aren't up, I can't reach the under-eave hooks myself. I took in the snowflake banner and hung out the ornament banner. While I was at it I decided to put the gold wreath above the fireplace. Hmmm. I had to take down my rusty metal stars to do it. Then I realized I hadn't used the balls last year, I had put out the stars and the giant metal jingle bells. So out come the giant bells. They're rusty and rustic like the stars and it all looks terrible with red velvet bows. Maybe I can swing the red bells with the red bows.

The kitchen gets green velvet bows, and a few red ones, and red wooden bead garlands. I have to climb up on the counter to do that, so guess what isn't done quite yet? I did get the tree up, scratching my arm pretty well in the process. Of course the bottom layer of lighted branches are not lighted. They are unlighted branches for now. I'll have to disassemble the darn thing and find the burned out light.

The stockings are hung from the back of the file cabinet with care. Let's see, find the tree skirt , last place I had it we were wearing it as a cape at DeCompression. Decide which tree topper to use, the Murano glass finial or the Swarovski Starburst? Throw some holly garland up down in the basement, toss the poinsettia crappola around the front room. Find the tree finial and switch it out with the Waterford seahorse on the lamp. Throw more lights in the window. Wrap a few gifts, send some packages on the way, do the cards. Bake? Perhaps, I only bake for the neighbors these days. They love that we go door to door with plates of fresh cookies and mylarry's homemade candles.

I really need to finish the Mrs. Santa dress; the house may be left half-done but I do not want to run around Vegas half-dressed. I'm a little bit beyond that phase. I'd do it in a heartbeat though if I were properly double-dog dared.


kahanabay said...

Wow, that is one helluva lot of decorating! Hats off to you. (If I can find a hat.... How about a baseball cap with a football team logo?)

Lucky, lucky neighbors. - Oh, also, since I can't comment on your Tribe site, I'll mention here that you have to have one of the best picture-window views in the country.

The Mrs. Santa cape looks really nice - tony, sumptuous - but I think it'll look much better on you. Mrs. Bucky looks like she's had one face-lift too many....

So, if you got just a little pickled in Vegas, wouldja really go half-dressed if someone double-dog dared you? :D

MaggieMayDay said...

It wouldn't take much of a pickle at all ... a midget gherkin would do!

Thanks for the compliment; I do love my view. I will try for a winter shot next. Isn't Tribe strange?

Mrs. Bucky is a recovered meth addict, now she self-medicates with Vodka martinis.

Thanks for reading!

kahanabay said...

LOL. Now that's enough to make sure I stay off of meth ... vodka martinis, dunno.

I would *love* to see the winter view from your window.

A midget gherkin, eh? Does hubbers mind, or would he support his wife by partly stripping as well? :D

Hey, reading your blog is my pleasure! It's fresh and fun. :)