Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sweet dreams

Swilling my morning coffee, blogging before six in the morning. Why? The dreams from last night are bugging me. I do dream a lot, every night, I remember a lot of those dreams, and they're all in color in incredible detail. I do not usually have fictional characters in my dreams, or if I do they fade out almost immediately. Not this time, so I figured I'd get the main dreams down. Teach me to read the comments on other people's blogs!

I was on Altlantis (SGA you geeks), dating Rodney McKay. Huh? I had a cluttered little office with all my history and literature books from home stuffed in filing cabinet drawers and files everywhere. He was being sweet about my Liberal Arts education and that I was doing meta-analysis of the Atlantean culture rather than being a brilliant scientist unraveling mysterious technology. "That's so much better than your last job as cook." And my non-dreaming self who watches a lot of my dreams remarked, "What is McKay doing boffing the cooks?" Not that I dreamt about boffing, mind you, I did not.

I was important, as only I could see the city was infested with invading replicators. I was like a mole, spotting the enemy. But then I made the terrible discovery that the replicators were actually the aliens from V! (is the exclamation point mandatory?) And I had to infiltrate them, so there was a shower scene with the V-plicators ala StarshipTroopers. Nice to have my twenty year old body back, and all the aliens were hot alien babes. Soapy hot alien babes. My dream monitor self was disappointed at the lack of male shower-takers, I'm straight!

I was trying to escape with the knowledge of the V-plicators, to return to Earth and warn mankind, but the mid-point gate had been taken over by aliens unknown, and I ended up on some strange world. There was Daniel Jackson, also stranded on this world, looking fetching dressed in black. "Great!" My dream monitor said, "hot DJ shower scene!" No such luck. Daniel and I had been close friends at the SGC, co-workers with a history. So I decided to help him with collecting the crystal skulls and arranging them into a gate address to return home. I was deeply suspicious of the price tags stuck to each one; was I actually trying to expand my skull collection on his dime? We were sheltering in either a treehouse or sailing ship and had to share a splintery, rough-planked cabin. I was doing calligraphy in gold ink, Magda was my name. Daniel leapt away from me. "Magda? You're a Russian spy, you're stalking me! You want to harm my wife and child! And how could you date Rodney McKay? I thought you liked me!" He ran from the room while I wept, confused. How could he marry and have babies when I was stuck on Atlantis, so far away? "Magda?" my dream monitor remarked, "Actress who played Furlow on Farscape? How'd she get in here? Just because you're planning a costume for the con next November doesn't mean you should have her in a StarGate dream." Hey, it all made sense in my head!

There was much more, including a not-so-daring rescue by Rodney, but then it de-volved into other dreams, like waiting for Daniel for drinks on the steps outside a German church, anticipating attending the best Berlin raves, only to have Rodney show up to tell me we were actually in Lithuania and Daniel would never find me. In the end, hubbers showed up and took me home. My subconscious has a LOT to answer for! I mean, mylarry was dressed in a red satin top with a bow and a green and red kilt and red satin heels! Oh wait, nevermind, that's what he actually wore to Decompression, sans tiara. I'm still holding out for the Hot Daniel Shower Scene. Can't disappoint the Harem!

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