Friday, December 14, 2007


Burning Man tickets go on sale on January 16th! Yay! I'm buyin' me a birthday present! Oh yeah, mylarry too, can't go without my Energizer Bunny man.

And I'm thinking Solstice is out tomorrow night. No way can I spend a night out in the freezing cold when I'm not even feeling good sitting at the keyboard. So much for frozen nekkid pagan dances. The temps will be in the teens; I've done it in 28 degrees and 22 degrees, and once with freezing fog. But if I can barely breathe, I doubt I'd be happy even sitting in the Trailblazer or the Dive Shop.

Yes, the Dive Shop in inland Utah. Deep natural warm salt springs at Seabase, they teach scuba. Ain't nature grand? One of the pools has sharks, they're imported. No, no lasers on their frickin' heads. Not even ill-tempered seabass to keep them company.


archersangel said...

too bad you can't go to your solstice thing. you're right it wouldn't be a good idea to go sick.
hope you feel better soon

kahanabay said...

Can you please explain to me about the sharks not having lasers on their heads? I feel like I'm mising something either very funny, or else important....