Monday, December 17, 2007

Solstice 2007

I wanted to go to the Solstice burn, but I had been so sick I thought better of it. MyLarry packed the Boo, even put Bucky in the backseat. Genius got off work and showed up in his Ranger gear. Dang darn dagnabbit, I could not stay home alone! I bundled up while the guys reloaded everything into the Trailblazer instead. Boo just ins't that big. A t-shirt, a sweatshirt, a polar fleece pullover (with flames) and a faux fur mink. I was toasty.

Traffic down I-15 was slow, but there were no wrecks, just a lot of cars making bad decisions. We missed the first two little burns, but that's alright. The Cake was on fire when we got there. Our FaerieBoi had morphed into a Hippie Mudsplatter, but the Tuxmeister was alive and kicking, so good to see him. We are sad though, he lost his silver ranger pendant. If it fell in the mud, it will be found during MOOP Patrol. Hugged and said howdy, spent some time in the Dive Shop, sat in a chair and did not do the NekkidPaganHappyDance around the Big Fire. A sun, of course, Saturn Eating his Children. Very cool. Fire spinners and hoopers and drummers, oh my. And Happy Nekkid Pagans.

As usual, we stopped at Lakepoint and scarfed down some flying J deli food. Don't worry, we've acquired immunity from the spacefood worms. As usual, ninety percent of the food at the potluck was vegan and impossible for mylarry or I to eat. Dang food allergies. We munched sun chips and baklava. Yeah, I know, I should call it the Pot-Unlucky. I did not drink enough water, although I emptied half my flask of Bacardi Ciclon. That's two swigs I think. Oh You Partay Aneemall.

My nose did not produce snotcicles. I did not catch pneumonia. I am still sick, but in a minor way. I am so glad I saw my friends. Pictures on Tribe. I looked rough, wow.

To be discussed in later blogs: my birthday plans (Bad Maggie's White Elephant- Pink Elephant and Bad Movie Revue), Solstice gifts at midnight, and the Aggravating Wish List of the Insane SIL.


kahanabay said...

Sounds like a flamin' good time was had by all. Sometimes ya just gotta let the good times roll, cold or no cold, eh?

archersangel said...

sounds like you had a good time.