Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sick Day

I have a cold, an honest to goodness, leaky nose, feel crappy cold. Ick. I did not have it when I got up. At least, I had no symptoms!

I did however, get the tree dressed before my snot decided to cascade down my face. Very pretty little tree. At first I was frustrated, the branches didn't all light up! If you plug a layer into itself instead of the other layer of lights, well, that happens. The red wooden beads were next, and the red velvet tree skirt. I put on the red and gold and green swirled Murano topper, and dug out all my glass icicles and drops and candy canes. The glass candy canes are actually swizzle sticks from Pier One. Of course I hung all my Swarovski snowflakes and stars, I have every one since 1995, plus little stars and a few other crystal ornaments. I took all my crystal suncatchers and chandelier drops off the plant stand and hung them too, plus a variety of very shiny blown glass teardrops and spikes. Then I took my mother's and grandmothers' rhinestone brooches and earrings and put them on the tree too. Lovely, and a wonderful way to remember them. It is a very sparkly tree. It will not photograph well.

If someone broke in to rob me, they should skip the wrapped gifts and take the ornaments. Especially the Swarovski! Granted, they aren't worth nearly as much out of their boxes. Yes, I have all the boxes, of course I do.

I even started on the kitchen, but don't feel like climbing now. I wander in and do one or two things, then go back to bed. I am too snotty and restless to sleep, but too headachy to watch TV or read. Sewing is out of the question.

It is snowing, very light and rather pretty. I worry though, MyLarry is headed home in it in his big truck. I guess a semi is one of the safest places of all, isn't it? But he will have to commute home in the dark in our little Boo, a tiny Toyota.


kahanabay said...

Sorry to hear about your cold. Each time I get one, I'm still surprised by how miserable they can make you feel. - Have you tried an over-the-counter med called Zicam that is supposed to make the symptoms less bad, and not last as long? Zach used it about a month ago, and said it really did work.

I'm also very fond of sparkly trees - actually, that's the only kind I do. I love to fiddle with getting the ornaments in just the right position to reflect a light, and especially to get the clear ornaments where a white mini-light can shine right through them. - Your idea of using your mother's and grandmother's rhinestone jewelry is unique. It does sound like a perfect way to remember them, adding more meaning and beauty to something that's already meaningful and beautiful.

I've been looking for candy-cane ornaments, so mucho thanks for posting about the Pier One swizzle sticks. I never would've thought of that.

Snow always mesmerizes me, even though I know I won't much like driving in it. Does Larry have to navigate any steep places or tight turns to get home? We have a few around here ... makes me always glad to get home, and to see Zach's little truck pulling into the driveway. Later, I go out and just stand in the snow.

Hope you feel better soon.

MaggieMayDay said...


we have some Zicam, it is just zinc. I have to find the ones that aren't the nasal spray, I can't abide stuff up my nose. Likely a life-saver in the 80s.

If you like sparkly, treat yourself to some crystal ornaments. They're heavy and expensive, and I was afraid to put mine on the tree for years, but they're sooo pretty!

I got the candy canes last year, so Pier One is likely to have a different style this year. Wait for clearance if you can, I got mine for something like a buck a pack!

We live on the bench ... aka low foothills. There are hills up to the house, but nothing tight or steep. Except for the weird wiggle the street does down the block, that's just odd and narrow when the cars park curbside. The semi never comes up to the house; it isn't allowed on a residential area. Too darn big anyway. He's headed up to Pocatello this morning, the steel loads are due in Vegas on Monday, so he'll have Saturday off.