Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Boring New Year

There are times when boring is good. Boring lets me do chores like change the cat box and clear the kitchen table. Boring lets me wash blankets and cut up the cookie bars. Boring lets me read some of my new F&SF issue. Boring means I started on my Furlow goggles rather than my Santa dress. Bad Maggie!

I did not dream about StarGate. I had boring dreams. The cat woke me up.

Boring is not boring enough for me to do the filing however. Filing has a deadline; it must be done in 2007. The New Year is important; I am compelled to pay as many bills as possible and clean up loose ends, and do as much housework as humanly possible. December is when I haul the slag, Depression and Jade-ite glass down from the top shelves in the kitchen and wash it all. I can go into the new year broke and exhausted, but not dirty and in debt. I picked this mindset up in Japan; paying your debts before the turn of the year is a Japanese cultural norm. The mortgage and car payments don't count unless I hit the lottery. In which case, I should begin buying lottery tickets up in Idaho.

Boring should mean writing out the holiday cards anytime now. Shoot me an email if you'd like a card. Seriously, I'll send cards to just about anyone. No, I am not stalking unwary readers. I'm not that bored. Yet.


archersangel said...
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archersangel said...

you can send me a card if you want. you should still have my address from when you went to burning man.