Monday, December 3, 2007

I'm in stitches.

Well, not quite. I did get the Santa dress pattern adjusted (I hope) and the fabric cut. I am beginning to really hate the panne velvet. It wiggles and holds on the itself and stretches out. My edges look ragged and chewed. But hey, hey, I have it cut out. The cats helped; Harry ButtLicker got under the cutting board and Oide walked on the pattern. Then Harry curled up on the extra yardage, weighing it down with all of his 14 pounds, and Oide ate the pattern edges. Hmmm.

Actually simple pattern, bodice front and back with a neck band, sleeves, skirt front and back and a zipper. The faux fur trim counts for almost nothing as it is so easy to attach, merely time consuming. The crinoline arrived today as did the wide fur trim. I am set ... all I have to do is start pinning and basting and darting and sewing.

That leaves the Elf Jacket to make and that will be more difficult as I have to cobble together a pattern. The bodice for my Flame Coat has the right neckline; I have some 80s looking jacket patterns which have the right sleeves and body. Joy joy. Must dig up the bag of jingle bells, I have dozens of the things. Plenty of narrow fur trim, no problem. Now, do I want to line it? I can, I lined the Flame Coat. Hooks and eyes or frogs?

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archersangel said...

Hooks and eyes or frogs?

well i think it depends on how fancy-looking you want it. i'd go with frogs if it were me.