Monday, January 14, 2008

Bits and pieces

Bleh, boring day. Fussed and did fiddly things. Colored my hair, washed the dishes, changed the sheets, laundry, mopped, mended, dusted, straightened, neatened. Freecycled. Boring. Need to sort the linen closet. Really Boring. Much more boring stuff to do tomorrow. I did get some of my new Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine read, and updated my Zooba reading list. Zooba is great, 9.95 for a book including shipping. You make a list and they send a book a month. As far as I can tell, it is overstocks from BOMC and related specialty book clubs. Good stuff.

Hung up the "Reserved for Theme Camps" sign, hung up my new Daniel Jackson Action Figure. My guest room walls are covered in random action figures. Austin Powers, Dr. Evil, Willow from Buffy, Rosie the Riveter, Frank N Furter, Riff Raff, Samurai Baker, STNG, Last Action Hero, Bubba Ho-tep ... and on the table is the Gender Bender and Ask Me Jesus and the Family Guy ensemble. I need an Edgar Allan Poe, I know they exist. I do like Fishy's contribution, the Visible Human Body Model which is actually a transparent Green Frog. I love odd things.

Now my back hurts and I have to get some dinner rustled up for MyLarry. He'll be home late, he waited for one of the other drivers and they blew by the truckstop and didn't bother to tell him they wern't going to stop. Grrr.


kahanabay said...

Your house sounds really interesting. I'd enjoy looking at all your nifty fandom stuff. :)

An Edgar Allan Poe figure sounds interesting. The possibilities... Would you want him with or without opium pipe?

MaggieMayDay said...

With, by all means!