Sunday, January 13, 2008

Week End

MyLarry made it home later than expected Friday ... quite late. He had to pick up steel once he got back up from Vegas.

Yesterday was a crazy busy day. We did a lot of the pre-birthday party shopping, crackers and chips and frozen snacky bits and eggs and bacon for brunch. Plenty of OJ for mimosas, and Cook's Extra Dry Champagne for under $5 a bottle. Cheap champagne, or sparkling wine to be accurate, makes for better mimosas. You want dry with the sweet of the juice. Plus the usual commissary shopping, and Costco and the mall. I wanted shampoo at the mall, and we also found giant four foot plush Christmas stockings on clearance. Very nifty and went right into storage bins. We tackled the cleaning when we got home, and threw a turkey into the oven. I need to check the temps, those little fourteen pounder turkeys take forever to roast. Weird.

Dropped by to see Dad, he's down. With all this snow it is hard for him to leave the house. He's very worried about my brother, although I don't think he has a good grasp on the situation. He doesn't always wear his hearing aids, so even though he's sharp, he sometimes misses details. He gave me a little bit of a birthday present, some fancy licorices and the bone china cat Sue sent him for Christmas. Beautiful pure white chine cat in a long stretch. Lovely. He really likes it, but doesn't want to put it on the mantle where his cats climb up and knock things down. I had to re-arrange the china cabinet a bit, move the vaseline glass cats over so I could put the vaseline camel dish next to them; no room on the cat shelf (three Lladro cats and two Royal Copehagens) so the new cat ended up next to the three Lladro polar bears who are surrounding the baby in an acorn shell. Hey, knick-knack still life takes work to be appropriately macabre.

And MyLarry has left for Vegas once more, so I have the house to myself and may actually be able to get some of the real straightening done. We did get his closet cleaned out, he has let go of some of his old magazines and cut-off shorts. I am freecycling my old work clothes which are still like new and in style, and Mom's jigsaw puzzles. Next feeding frenzy , I'll start getting rid of
more clothing, especially some of mom's things which were special but I can't and won't wear. If only I had a way or place to display her kimono ... white silk with embroidered pastel chrysanthemums.

I've heard nothing new from my brother, I don't expect he'll say much until he knows more. he's still working every day he can before he begins treatment.


archersangel said...

If only I had a way or place to display her kimono ... white silk with embroidered pastel chrysanthemums.

that sounds lovely. maybe put it on a dress form?

MaggieMayDay said...

Kimonos are best displayed with the sleeves stretched out, and viewed from the back. We don't have the high walls needed to hang one. I do have a kimono rack, but I have obis (wide fabric belts) on it now and I'd be afraid the kimono would get dusty. Maybe if I only took it out of the paper wrapper for a few days ... I'll have to think about it. I might putout one of the wedding kimonos and see how that goes.