Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Still Snowing and Racing Downhill

It is still snowing out, I had to go redo the driveway or mylarry could never get the Scion in. My back aches, but that's no big deal compared to this afternoon's news.

What a craptacular day, my brother now has multiple myeloma on top of his amyloidosis. The amyloids are protein chains in the major organs, unusual without cancer, but that's what he has. But now, now! Now he has cancer, the blood markers rose to the levels indicating cancer. Myeloma is cancer of the blood plasma cells. Ugly incurable diseases both of them.

When he was diagnosed with the amyloids, they said he would die in six months, they were wrong. Now he has cancer, everything changes. He begins chemo next week, and some other treatment I don't understand. I hate to ask and ask, so I will wait a bit. If the chemo and the drugs work, he has a few years. Real specific, that. If the treatment does not work, he has six to eight months to live.

crap crap crap ... I may write more about our Cancer Family, but not today.


kahanabay said...

I can't imagine how much your family's health history might be wearing on you, given your brother's new diagnosis. I'm just glad you have Larry and your friends to be there when you really want someone to be there. Plus, of course, your online communities, which I know can often be strongly supportive and incredibly helpful.

I'm just hoping - very sincerely - that, whatever the course of your brother's cancer, some of the more difficult family relationships will start going better. And I hope that treatment will go as well as it possibly can for your brother. - I'll be thinking about you.

MaggieMayDay said...

Thank you!

archersangel said...

i can't say it any better than kahanabay