Sunday, January 6, 2008

Snow Dayz

We're on Wave Two of the Terrible Storm. California got hit much harder, but we've seen snow and yuck for days on end. Today we should get five to nine inches. The mountains are piling up, good for our summer water reserves, very bad for avalanches. Friday saw a heavy snow and rain mix following high winds, which cleared off the roads, melted the icicles and then smashed down the thicker blankets of white on the lawns. now it is snowing lightly, a medium snow shower, neither heavy wet nor light fluffy. Ogden sits between the Great Salt Lake and the Wasatch Range; the lake keeps our temperatures level while the mountains catch the snow. Further south near Salt Lake City and Tooele and Utah county, the Salt Lake throws moisture up into the snow clouds; they get the heavy lake effect snow. We're up on a bench (geology, ancient seashore) so we get more than the valley floor, but in our little spot we stay warmer and drier than much of the rest of the Wasatch portion of Utah. We should see another storm front tonight or tomorrow.

MyLarry was home for Saturday; we got the holiday decorations down, in their totes and out into the garage. All I have to do is the tree in the front room, and all the fiddly bits which go in the teabox the tree is standing on. The kitchen looks bare without the poinsettias and velvet bows. The next two weeks are going to be full of mundane chores getting ready for my birthday party. Lots of tidying and putting away, dusting and vacuuming, stashing away the candle makings so we can use the big table as a buffet. I don't even get to do the fun parts yet, wrapping the white elephants, choosing food, selecting the perfect bad movies and the correct shots to down while watching them. Or the correct cocktails, isn't there a drink called a Stinger we could have during Swarmed? And what does one drink with Mega-Snake?

Anyway, we whiled away the snowy afternoon and evening in The Pit in front of the fire, watching awesomely awful SciFi like Beyond Loch Ness. Yeah, baby.

Oh yes, mundane chore I do like: redressing the Buckys. They're still in their holiday finery, I must find their new Easter outfits soon, or something frilly and outrageous for Valentine's Day.


archersangel said...

according to the webtender site, there are several drinks called "stinger"

and several with the name "snake"

and one with "space" in the name, should you ever decide to watch sumuru(sp?)

kahanabay said...

Hats off to archersangel for finding the drink names. All I could think of was that if I were watching a show called Mega-Snake, I'd skip the cocktail glass and take a couple of gulps straight from the vodka bottle.

I've been following news of the storm in your parts. Inevitable at some point, I know, but still scary. - Thanks for explaining the climate factors and the "bench" thing; I think things like that are interesting. At the same time, I hope all goes okay for you and YourLarry until the storm and its aftereffects are gone.

If you don't happen to revisit Joe M.'s Sunday blog, I think you're right about the "colonel" scene coming from a similar M. Python "doctor" scene. Seems to me it was from The Meaning of Life; but I've only seen a few eps from the original show, so maybe that's where they did it first.

Wow, it sounds like you're going to have one killer birthday party this year! I'll have to start practicing a toast! :D

MaggieMayDay said...

Basically the world is invited to my party, although I only have one out of town friend from Portland who might fly in. They sound crazier than they are, but the potential is mind-boggling.