Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Recycled Art and Ciggie Tins

Not much of note today, I did stay off the computer until I'd exercised. That's three days in a row. Not remarkable, but a beginning.

I've begun another art phase; tin collages. My brother Larry (I know, confusing) gave me eight flat round tins which had held Hannukah chocolates he bought at the Cheap Store. I'm covering them in bits and pieces from the Survival Guide from Burning Man 2007, and each one has a fortune from a fortune cookie glued in it. So far I'm not impressed with the design, but they're getting there. These tins a a bit flat for ciggie butts, not impossibly so, but will be good for ash, or condoms or stamps. We'll see. I only have five Altoid tins, and I think I know where a couple more are stashed. Doing the collages with Mod Podge takes some time, waiting for one layer to dry before the next can be applied. This is slow art, not at all exciting. That's why I'm doing it first!

I went out to bring in the trash cans, threw on my clogs and polar fleece vest. Cold. Very cold, I could feel the front coming in. I took a nap late this afternoon, I meant to be reading but zonked out hard for two hours. When I woke up, a snow shower with wind had moved through. There's a thin new layer of snow covering everything outside, a pure white unbroken layer of mean sparkle. My windchimes are chuckling to themselves and there's snow up to both my front and back door. The porches are sheltered, minimally, but the snow has whipped around and is covering my mats. The wind has sculpted the snow on the Trailblazer, making it look futuristic, like some prop for Star Wars. Off-roading on Hoth anyone?

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archersangel said...

LOL! hoth.
"there's not enough life on this ice cube to fill a space cruiser."
i love that line of han's