Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Short Stop

Yeah, I got my Burning Man tickets today! Actually, yeah, I purchased three tickets and paid convenience fees and secure shipping. I will have them in hand soon. I never have liked Will Call at the Gate. I like to fondle my shiny bits of cardboard as the year rolls by and the day to pack the trailer and head to the desert approaches.

Nothing of note. My brother stopped by for a visit, he's doing four days on chemo, four off, in rotation. He does not feel sick, just a little achy and fatigued. he is still losing weight, down to 175. He is still driving a bus, remarkably. We dance around the subject of his death, but not as badly as I had feared.

Much busyness tomorrow, I have to get a cake and maybe some pies started. Lady D will be in Friday morning, whee! Genius and I will go get her.

Ah, K-Bay, any style of birthday song will be outstanding and stupendous. May we begin with reggae?


k-bay said...

Yah, reggae, cool. Just call me K-Bay. - Oh yeah, you already did. Heh. I like that.

Very cool about the Burning Man tickets, yah, very cool. Birthday and Burning Man, much partying comin' your way, very good.

[minor key, but movin'-type reggae tempo. Sorta reggae-bluesy fusion. On upbeat: 1, 2, 3...]
Mm-hm-hm, oh yeah
Mm-hm-hm, oh yeah
Maggie goin to par-tay town
par-tay town, par-tay town
Woman goin to par-tay round,
Burn dat man, burn 'im right down Mm-hm, oh yeah, mm-hm

Goin' to cruise with HerLar-ry
HerLar-ry, HerLar-ry
Trucker-man and his marie
All the folk, they call her Maggie
Mm-hm, oh yeah, mm-hm

[three-tone chant]
Birthday comin' down this street
People, got to move your feet
Get your eyes a real sweet treat
When Maggie dance, she can't be beat, oh no, oh yeah, mm-hm

["do your thing" time]
Come on out to par-tay town
Come on out and par-tay down
Shake it up, shake it all around
Shake it till the sun go down
Maggie goin' to be in town
Maggie goin' to be in town
Maggie goin' to be in town

MaggieMayDay said...

Bravo **appluase applause** Thank you!

Wow, you really can write songs! Cool!

Hehehe, Burning Man isn't until August, over the Labor Day weekend. Lots of prep time.

k-bay said...

gOopsie, didn't realize that Burning Man was that far off. But you're very welcome for the ditty, and I thank you for your kind words. :)

Not too far from lift-off....