Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Terror and Beauty in the Night

I did not sleep well last night, I tweaked my shoulder and neck pushing snow around, and finally gave in and took a vicodin in the late afternoon. The trouble with opiates is they make me drowsy but wakeful. I put the fat old Cricket dog on the foot of the bed; Harry Buttlicker was insulted but hung around, and Oide went nutty and ran around all evening. He does that thing with his toys, carries them in his mouth and cries. I've never figured that out in a male cat.

I finally did fall asleep, into vivid dreams of parades and horses and amusement parks. I dreamt I was thirsty, so I got up to get some orange juice. The backdoor was partially open, the outdoor spotlight had flipped on, motion activated. I glanced down and the lights in the basement were on. I was terrified, someone was in the house! I ran back toward the bedroom, grabbing the phone on the way, headed for the shotgun. None of the buttons would push down! ... Then I woke up, safely tucked in bed, Oide tucked against my thighs and Cricket stuck to the back of my legs. My heart was pounding and my mouth dry, so I did get up, I had to get up. After a swig of orange juice, and a compelled check of the backdoor, I went into the bathroom. I pulled up the blinds to have a look into the backyard. No one has been back there since the heavy snow, the white blanket is thick and smooth. I couldn't see the moon from my angle, but it must be near full; the light through the branches cast the black shadows of the maple tree down in startlingly clear patterns. I could see the stars, and the snow sparkled and glistened under the moonlight. Ebony veins on a field of diamonds; stark and deeply beautiful, and something I could never capture with my simple photo skills.

I did manage to sleep some more, but I still woke up with nasty neck and shoulder pain and a numb left hand. I did get my neurologist referral authorization; I can call for an appointment today. Even if there isn't much he can do, I would like to know what's going on in there.

Picture: Backyard with bird feeder, Snow bikes, Cricket hates the cold, Icicles, Snow House, looking north up my street to Ben Lomond, Oide and Harry stealing my bed.


archersangel said...

WOW! that was quite a dream.

beautiful cats BTW

k-bay said...

There be snow!! Great pics, and I'll second archersangel's comment about your gorgeous cats.

I wish some sci-fi writer would give us an "up close and personal" look at how strange dreams could possibly come to be.

I hope your neuro problem goes away soon. I know those "stinger" type injuries can really cramp the lifestyle. - Just a thought, but you might want to ask for a physical therapy referral. Depending on exactly what's going on in there, often there's quite a bit you can do to keep that from being a recurring problem. One visit should be enough for the PT to show you the moves and give you a helpful guide. (And if you really hate unsolicited advice, just let me know and I'll keep my mouth shut. ;)

k-bay said...

PS: I *love* that photo of the sunrise, with light filtering through the snowy branches. That's just so pretty.

MaggieMayDay said...

Hey thanks, I think my kitties are pretty too!

I will ask about PT, I've had some for my upper back where the arthritis is. It does help.