Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Weekend

Oy .. tired and out of it, but that's okay.

MyLarry has been home for days, so strange. I don't get anything done when he's here.

Sunday was alright, went to the commissary on base, stocked up on party supplies and animal food, bought too much clearance holiday snacks. So much for clearing the temptations out of the cupboards. Sunday evening we went down to The Dave 23's birthday party, me and mylarry and Genius and Desi and the pup. The puppy was a big hit and snuggled with several people. Much hugging and helloing, and spread the word about my impending birthday party for those not on Tribe. I didn't have a drink, and only munched a bit, made a shrinkydink and remembered how much I suck at Trivial Pursuit.

Monday was shopping day, I was snarly and mylarry was testy, he ended up dropping his new mug in the sink and breaking it. Yay, wonderful way to spend he last day of the year. We settled down and went shopping for plates and cheese and tiny fruit pies. We also headed for Tandy Leather and picked up more leather making stuff, he does beautiful work. The party was at Genius and Desi's place, small gathering, we had way too much food and booze on hand. Genius made Mongolian dumplings from scratch, tasty, although I thought they were very much like gyoza without the frying. We brought our Greek sheep cheese, which I still can't pronounce, sharp white cheddar flavored with horseradish, habenero pickled garlic, uncured baby beef smokies, crackers and a rather mundane cheese tray. And some clearance Lebkuchen. Yum. And some chocolate dessert cups which weren't even opened. And the tiny fruit pies which were killer with the cheese.

Two glasses of champagne and that was it for me. Okay, two and a half, and Chandon at that. Plus half a glass of Italian Asti, Santini? which was far too sweet. And half a glass of Beaujelais which really needed to breathe more. I didn't feel well, I hadn't all day, so I went up into the library loft and curled up on the futon. Mylarry brought up my soft cape to cover me, I was also covered in cats. Edward is so tiny; she weighs maybe five pounds; the vet says she's a dwarf. I listened to the party; Genuis had a download of a MSFT3k which was overlaid on his copy of 300. Freakin' hilarious even if I couldn't see it. Still, awfully long for a party. As usual, I started taking off my jewelry, I can't abide wearing it when I'm lying down. Eventually I slipped off my bra, mylarry had come up for his kiss. We were naughty and tossed the bra over the loft wall into the living room. That got plenty of shrieks and laughter from the young'uns. Silly geese. I sense a trend here, the party ain't a party until the old lady loses undergarments.

Today was more clearance shopping, all my Christmas staples for next year. We were hungry and neither of us felt like cooking, we ended up at ... I know ... Golden Corral. The one in Ogden is managed by a very conscientious person who makes sure his buffets are clean, the right temperature, and the servers on their toes. I'm such a foodie, but a buffet style meal is so much easier than ordering around our combined and several food allergies than trying to custom order from a standard menu. And GC has baked yams and rice, so I have starch choices which do not involve the dreaded nightshades. Sigh. Golden Corral. The epitome of fine dining in Ogden. At least it did not involve sparklers. (Long story involving The Maya, fire spinners, and a special dessert topped with sparklers. Yes, sparklers.) This evening has been dozing on the couch and watching Pirates.

Happy freakin' New Year. No resolutions today, no profound insights or funny stories. Just getting on with 2008. Time for cuddles and snuggles!


kahanabay said...

Sounds like your New Year's had a fair amount of ups and downs. Like you said, you just get on with 2008. Still, it sounds like you once again had a show-stopping moment, with your bra unexpectedly winding up where all and sundry could appreciate the significance of an unusual prop appearing onstage. ;)

Genius's Mongolian pot-stickers sound very tasty. That makes me want to ask if you've ever had a Vietnamese food called something I can't remember, but it's like egg-roll innards inside a translucent cabbage leaf rather than the usual fried wrapping. You dip it in an incredibly hot sauce that's addictively delicious, even though it tends to dissolve tooth enamel.

Once more into the fray....

MaggieMayDay said...

Sounds like Spring Rolls, although those can be fried also. I know I can find it ... give me a bit. I love Asian/Pacific rim foods.

Hey, anyone can pop off their bra, just have to get fearless with it!

kahanabay said...

You're right, they were a lot like spring rolls with a SE Asian type hot sauce. It was a lunch on the run, so I might just be confused about the menu-item names.

I also love Asian food, but I know your travels have given you a lot more exposure to the real deal than what I've had. I know that if I'd been an adult when we lived in Honolulu (Dad was stationed at Ft. Shafter), I would've tried to eat out every night. :D