Monday, January 28, 2008

Let the Art Begin

Okay, I've sorted through the art bin in the hall and yanked out the tins and boxes and such which will be mod-podged with collages. Great stuff, mod podge, sort of like adult library paste, but less tasty. I had an extra Burning Man map from 2006, so I covered a mailing tube with that, and next is a box shaped like a tree. I know, I should be using Green Man 2007 for that. Actually, the first piece finished was the Art to Bludgeon With, the thick chunk of wood with the wood-burn lady on it. Someone liked that well enough to hang it on the wall. That is some Wayward Art! The framed pictures are curiously enough, signed Clayton. Godzilla will make an appearance in those, for sure! I just have to decide if I will leave them badly painted or over-paint in my swirly van Faux Gogh style. The painting begins after I get the tins done. Little decorated tins are at a premium at Burning Man, to hold ciggie butts. Leave No Trace!

A quick note, Wayward Art is Art gone Bad, Lost Art, Found Art, small or medium art which needs love, Folk Art, Satire Art, Art which has been abandoned in the thrift shops and needs new parents. And my original paintings, which are very, very wayward. Last year I moved 300 pieces of art, or more, at least, I had 300 adoption cards. Many generous folk committed art to the Home for Wayward Art, while I brought the bulk of it myself. Genius did some wonderful woodblocks and photography, Lady D brought jewelry and amusing trinkets and boxes, and Claire brought amazing bits and bobs. Dave 23 and Coco donated cool original collage and mixed media pieces, and a number of decent paintings appeared. And bags and patches and stickers and posters .. and on and on. Amazingly wayward art. I don't want to get too much bigger, but it can't help but get better! I'm hoping to have enough art for not only the main event, but both regionals, Element 11 and Dark Skies. I've never had the Home at Dark Skies, I think it would be wonderful to share.

Snowing, again, heavy and nasty, windy which is miserable. I-15 is closed down by Payson, 30 car and truck pile-up. I have no idea when, or even if, MyLarry will make it home tonight. Poor guy! I tried a little shoveling, but the snow is heavy and I only made some tracks and trails. Trent came over when he got off work and finished up. I adore my neighbors, they're so very nice! Trash day tomorrow, but I'm not setting the cans out until after the snowplow comes by. Otherwise they'll be iced in!

Pictures: Genius brought me these framed landscapes, ready to be Godzilladated. The dreaded art bin in the hall, note the owl. People love owls, and I have no clue why! Wood-burn Lady, front and back. The collages have begun, and the table is full.


k-bay said...

Godzilladation! Attack of the Killer Monster on Wayward Art! Faux Gogh - lol, sounds like a novel way to be creative and funny at the same time.

Thanks for the explanation of just what Wayward Art is.

A couple of nights ago I saw just a few minutes of a show (fiction) in which these two guys referred to Burning Man 2002. I immediately thought of you, but dammit, I can't remember the name of the show.

Did Larry make it home okay, or have to wait out the snow elsewhere? - Neighbor guys who shovel snow are wonderful.

MaggieMayDay said...

MyLarry did make it home, but it was rough going.

Burning Man gets mentioned now and again in pop culture ... Dharma and Greg, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and the very good Malcolm in the Middle about going to Burning Man.

I guess I'll have to post the picture of Godzilla attacking the motel painting village which started the entire trend. This will be year four for the Home, it is very popular among those who know about it.