Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Objects of Desire

For someone who thinks stuff is just stuff, I surely am addicted to things. I have my new random Stargate Atlantis figure, a Wraith, naturally. It will hang in the guest room with all the other random action figures. I still want an Edgar Allen Poe, with Raven and opium pipe.

The icicles from yesterday are now longer, faster, better.

MyLarry got home last night, covered in diesel fuel. He emptied the pockets in his vest and jacket so he could wash them. He wears a hunting or fishing vest so he can haul extraneous keys, flashlights, tools, napkins, small sacrificial goats, whathaveyou. He is a PacRat after all, his tattoo says so. Apparently he's been carrying a gift for me for a week or so. He handed me a Secret Service pin, Clinton Protective Division! Turns out that when he was hanging out in Coyote Ugly last week, so was one of the off duty Secret Service guys. They chatted and had a few beers, and MyLarry ended up with a pin. Way cool, huh? Almost as good as Clinton touring flooded Fernley with the Burners without Borders! Clinton got a BWB patch, I got a Secret Service pin. Almost as good!


k-bay said...

Haha. I like the thought of a PacRat tat, and think my hubs should have one too.

Oooh, Wraith!! *drools*

Fun background behind the pin.

EA Poe with not only a pipe but a raven would be very nifty.

MaggieMayDay said...

The background is the hair-covered kitty condo!

k-bay said...

Oh, those kitty condos are so much fun!

archersangel said...

very cool pin. i bet they're kind of rare.