Saturday, January 26, 2008

These pipes are clean!

Ah, the colonoscopy went well ... other than the prep the night before sucked ass (get it?). As usual, knocked me out, did their thing, handed me a lovely set of photos, suitable for framing. One polyp, snipped it, biopsy results in a week or so. No worries. That makes four years cancer free! Well, almost, I do need those biopsy results. That makes three and a half years on the breast cancer .... while having two types of cancer in 2004 was awful, it was also kinda convenient!

Came home, and slept, slept, slept. MyLarry went out to register the car and came back with seasons three and four of Farscape, a lovely dark blue and gold shawl from Nepal, a lucky bamboo for the kitchen window, and a box of See's dark chocolates. No, he did not go all the way to Nepal to get the shawl. He's loading steel this morning, should be back this afternoon.

Nothing else of note, nothing. About time to gear up the art studio, the kitchen table has served the holiday and party functions, time to make Bad Art! Mod Podge or Godzilla first? Or Naughty Folk Art?


archersangel said...

good to hear stuff went well.

BTW in the first photo; what is the cat doing with the cell phone? i hope she/he didn't run up the bill. LOL

MaggieMayDay said...

The cat hates the cell phone and if I leave it down, he'll swat and bite it. I think it looks like he's making an obscene call ... Hai babee, whut u waren unner yer fur?

k-bay said...

Hey, congrats on the good news. I'm trusting that the polyp is just a polyp. - Didn't realize that you'd been whumped with the cancers at the same time. Here's to total victory and strong, determined people.

LOL re. the cat and the obscene call. Oh yeah, he's definitely winking. Been hitting the catnip a little hard, maybe? Or sniffing a little vial of "hot femme" pheromone? - Funny pic!