Sunday, January 27, 2008


Yesterday was bright and beautiful. All the lovely icicles which have been growing from the eaves melted and shone in the sun, then snapped off to tragic melty deaths. MyLarry got up on the roof of the patio and garage and shoved all the snow off, he's been worried about the weight of the snow load. There's more snow due in today, later this afternoon.

While MyLarry was down in West Valley loading steel, I decided to have a real meal and tackled the refrigerator. I'd thawed mild turkey sausage and a pound of our lean free range ground beef, but hadn't cooked them up while I was doing the fasting and purging and recovering. I decided to make meatballs, pineapple teriyaki ones like mom used to make. If you make them small, you can toss them in a slow cooker as a buffet dish; make them larger for meals. They're baked, extremely lean so there's no fat run off whatsoever. I have to use foil to line the pan, otherwise I have to grease it! No dry bread or crushed crackers in the house, I used oatmeal for the starch binder. While oatmeal doesn't look as pretty as other starches when mixed in, I prefer the taste and I can pretend it is health food.

The meal: pineapple-ginger teriyaki turkey-beef meatballs on brown rice with peas. The soda is a Knudsen's Juice Spritzer, mandarin-lime flavor.

The secret of the meatballs is a teaspoon of Chinese five spice. The secret of the pineapple teriyaki sauce is minced candied ginger in addition to the grated ginger. The secret of the brown rice is a brown/white mix and a decent rice cooker. The secret of the peas is a can opener.

And on another note: I don't make resolutions for the new year, but I do periodically set new goals. I have decided that I will not get online until I have exercised. It might be bounce on the ball or get flat on the mat, hop on the gazelle or shake that thang to the belly dance workout tapes, or lift weights, but I will do something every morning. If I am up to it, I will also do a bit more in the afternoons or evenings. More dog walking once the bitter cold and slippery ice has gone!


archersangel said...

pineapple teriyaki meatballs sound interesting. good luck with the excersing.

MaggieMayDay said...

Thanks, I did half a mile today and some dance stretching. A good start!

k-bay said...

Beautiful icicles! And teriyaki, yumm.

What is Chinese five spice? Also, do you have a special kind of pot for cooking rice?

MaggieMayDay said...

I have an automatic rice cooker, I never got the hang of stove top rice.

Chinese five spice is, well, that's the name on the jar. It is a blend, with an anise tatse to it ...

k-bay said...

Thanks for the link. That's an interesting blend, and I guess if I would actually do some Oriental cooking beyond a few basic quick-fixes, I would know about stuff like that. - I remember my mom using Ajinomoto, then found out it's only MSG. Chinese five spice sounds much better.