Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Yay! I watched Ark of Truth this morning, enjoyed it very much. No spoilers! Teal'c/CJ was especially good. Daniel/MS got beat up on a lot. Poor thing. Uh-huh. Vala was her own irritating self, I wanted to strangle her, means CB's doing a good job. Landry, oooh, love him! Cam and Sam, whatta team. And Adria ... hot, hot hot!

Other than that, had a dull day. Too dull to elaborate on here.

Wrote a funny blog entry on Tribe, but can't post such things here. It was hilariously giggly and far too TMI to share. Your loss.

MyLarry should be home tonight, tomorrow is dentist day, and prescriptions and blood giving. he has hemachromotosis, or iron overload disorder. His body produces and hangs onto iron. The x-rays of his hands show the joints lined in iron deposits. If he doesn't donate on a monthly basis, the iron could build up in his organs and kill him. So, he needs a phlebotomy prescription. The only way to remove the iron is to bleed him. Yeah, bleeding has a place in modern medicine. When he was first diagnosed, he had to donate a pint a week for 26 months. The FDA wouldn't allow therapeutic blood draws to be donated, so it was all thrown away. The rules have changed, his blood goes into the bank.

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