Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wham Bam Thank You Glam!

Ah, the first day of Spring. I did not work on the dollhouse today, but I did work on my t-shirt for the Spring Sproing Burn out at Seabase on Saturday. Chuck of Arabia made catapults, well, flingers, and we are supposed to bring things to fling. Things to dip in a flammable fluid or compound, lit up, and then flung. Seabase is a salt marsh, wet and mucky this time of year, no worries, we won't set the fields on fire. It is also Randy of Oz's birthday party, so I should make a gift for him, he's a real doll. There will be a big bonfire, but the design is secret so far.

I had an old Synorgy tee, from the year we were Alice in Scubaland. The effigy was a giant white rabbit. I dug it out and used 3-D fabric paints ... wham! And plastic jewels ... Bam! Very much over the top, Thank You, Glam! I'm also eyeing my box of bright orange pom-poms, I could sew them onto my beige granny coat. If you're going to war, Clash!

I did work in the front flowerbed yesterday, weeding and pulling dead matter, and Rowena gave me a daylily she was splitting. Ironic, as those were my daylillies when we were renting next door.

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