Friday, March 14, 2008


I know a slump when I'm wallowing in it. I have no idea why it feels like I didn't get out of bed today. As though my body got up and left my spirit behind. Unplugged, drained, bored and restless. Like I am craving food or company, but want neither. I'm tired and clumsy and unamused. I neglected the most basic chores, barely tending the animals and bringing in the mail. I don't feel depressed, but I'm acting like it, and I know that's a sure way to get there. Do Not Want.

So, today I wallowed, tomorrow I force myself into some type of activity outdoors, get the correspondence attended to, tidy the kitchen and tackle either art or the dollhouse. Get on the gazelle. Watch how much crappola I'm shoving into my mouth. Stay hydrated, piss clear. Dance. Sing badly. Sew. Something, something. I did read today, but that was a chore, not a joy. I don't like that, don't like it at all.

I can has cheezburger? Gack, don't tell me, it is PMS? Perimenopause, neither curse nor change, but some mix between Purgatory and Limbo? Frell me. Seriously, MyLarry needs to come home, although I'm not likely to see him until Monday night or so. He just left this morning, while I was still mostly sleeping, I didn't say 'bye or get a hug and a kiss at the door or a feel up the nightie. Wah.

Okay, now I'm just whining.

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