Saturday, March 15, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch

Woke up to a dusting of fluffy snow this morning, it has melted of the concrete and the cars, but is sticking to the grass and trees. Pretty.

I'm still spending too much time online today, but I am getting bits and pieces accomplished. I decided to go ahead and make the recipe I've been eyeing. MyLarry can eat it reheated, as leftovers. If I wait until he is home, it will be later than I should be eating a meal and I never feel like cooking late at night. Honey-Walnut Scallops, on rice with a side of peas and carrots. Sure, the recipe was for shrimp, but scallops is what I had. Very yummy, although I think the scallops would have been better pan-seared rather than lightly battered and fried. This recipe calls for honey and coconut milk in the sauce; most of the standard ones use condensed milk instead. Ook, that would be like candy. And I used lime juice instead of lemon, which works beautifully because I prefer the flavor of lime. This sauce would be wonderful with grilled prawns or chicken. I did not glaze my own walnuts, I used Emerald brand out of the bag. I don't like them on their own, but they were perfect with this dish.

I am happily full. Time to read or fuss with the dollhouse, I have to decide. MyLarry will be home tonight after all, so I have to attend to the chores which show such as dishes and the kitchen. He never says anything, but I know he notices.