Monday, March 31, 2008


MyLarry is home sick, and his poor truck is broken down at the Volvo dealer down in Saint George. he got a ride home with another Central drive, I have no clue how he'll get back down there to pick up the truck. Full load of drywall too.

I am coming down with his cold, Stuffy, achy headache. Yuck. I was going to work hard on the dollhouse so I can begin making art for the Home. Not happening today, but I am very close. I need to marble the washstand top, then put a finish on the bed, corner table and washstand, make mini towels, dress the bed, paint the curtain rods and glue those in. Then arrange the suite. The Horrified Bride and the Empty Groom will be put on hold until September.

I have been uploading past projects into my new deviant art page, check the main gallery and the scrapbook to see what I do.

Time for rest and fluids.

The pictures: Are you kidding me? Kit pieces arranged, washstand, partway there. The bed and the chaise; the bed is from a kit and the chaise is from scraps. They will both look far better finished and dressed in the suite. A commercially made chaise lounge in half-scale is $30+! So I made my own.

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