Thursday, March 6, 2008

EMG, or #@$%*&^(*&%#@ OUCH!!!!!!!!

What I did today:

I got the exterior of the dollhouse completed today YAY! Looks fabulous. The only detail I didn't do is install the lightning rod on top of the tower; I need MyLarry to get his drill out and the fine drill bits and make a tiny hole for me. If I knew where he kept them, I'd go for it. There's plenty of detail which doesn't really show in the pictures; the end of each eave has a plaque with a "C" on it, topped with a finial/rod. The inside of the Tower Room roof is finished with a copper plaque and curliques, plus extra external trim so it looks more finished. The roof ridge also has extra copper "flashing" and the chimney is finished with black "tar." 3-D fabric paints do have their uses!

I had an appointment this afternoon for the left hand which hurts, aches, tingles and stabs. Genius picked me up; we went and got my birth certificate request notarized. I let my passport expire long ago and need to start fresh. Then we went to lunch at Golden Dynasty. I was prompt for my early arrival for my appointment, but the office was closed for lunch. Figures. Anyway, finally I was in the office, up on the table, ready for my EMG. So glad I didn't read up on it beforehand. Basically they shock you and stick needles in you. Ouch. The shocks hurt, and he had little lassos around my finger and it kept shocking me harder and harder. I finally said, "Hey that's beginning to hurt." It wasn't even supposed to be on yet; he'd bumped the button. Ow. Then there was being stuck with a needle in a variety of tender spots and moving the hand, the fingers and the thumb. That freaking HURT! A Lot! Apparently, I have a pinched nerve in my elbow which is causing all my hand pain, he said it is treatable. I call tomorrow and find out the treatment plan. I'm afraid it might involve surgery. Now on to the shoulder which hurts like hell, and then my upper back which also hurts like hell. How many pinched nerves can I have all at once?

The pics: Harry hanging out. He does this, just hangs over the edge of the cat tower. I know, Larry needs to re-sisal the legs. Dollhouse, the outside is all done!!!!!!! The lightning rod.


Tess said...

I've been meaning to say that these are SO incredible!!!

The shock session did not sound fun!

And harry, awwwwww!!!

MaggieMayDay said...

Thank you, I can hardly wait until I get it furnished and decorated!

And Harry, yeah, a sweetie pie.