Sunday, March 23, 2008

Clearance Gods and the Rites of Spring

The Spring Sproing was great ... I forgot my camera battery! It was Randy's birthday, I gave him one of my old, old Japanese lacquer bento boxes, some lacquer teacake plates with matching tiny spoons and forks. I'd had them for ages, I love them, but never used them. I know he does tea ceremonies and adores Japanese things, so it felt right that he should have them. Sometimes I think I am a custodian of treasures until the real owner comes along.

We wore our funky clothes, drank rum and coke, had a birthday potluck, said hi hiya howdy to our many friends. Hope brought an easel, and there was a guy in a plain robe which we painted. He was The Human Easel. I did a spiral sun on his back and others accented it. Lovely. There were drums and el-wire and little kids all over the place, this was an all ages event. Chuck made two "flingers" one a catapult and one a huge crossbow. I brought my head in a basket piece, the one adorned with all the underwires I had to remove from my bras after the breast cancer surgery. We stuffed it with rolls of toilet paper, soaked it in lamp oil, lit it and Flung! it! The catapult was made from leaf springs, it took hooking it to a pick-up to winch it. It snapped, good thing no one was right next to it. The crossbow was nifty, although the Tweety bird attached to the arrow burned too quickly and set the station on fire. A mad scramble to move the fuel cans. Fire, booze and crossbows, what could go wrong?

The main effigy was a shrine/hut, called The Pentagon. Another guy had brought a Santa in a sleigh pulled by a swan to fling, but it was too large. A swan? Hey, that's art. So Santa went on top of the effigy. They swiveled the crossbow and shot a flaming arrow into the Santa. Whoomp! Beautiful trajectory, a perfect hit and the bonfire began. There were a coupe shaman types doing their thing, and some dancing around the fire, but it was a hot beast and you couldn't get close. Much drumming and dancing!

On the way home, I asked MyLarry to stop at the Flying J so I could piddle. As I passed the sale table, I noticed a golden pyramid. Then I saw them. They were below the table on the bottom rack. Egyptian gods! Half-priced Egyptian gods! I got a large Bast, an Isis, and a Horus. I mean, I already own a small Bast and a seated Isis, but these were lovely! Huzzah for Clearance Gods!

Happy Easter!

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Huzzah for Clearance Gods!


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