Monday, March 17, 2008

Witches Kitchen

Yowza, one more dollhouse room almost done. The Witches Kitchen is finished, but I need a chair. I have a ladderback cane-bottom chair kit, but the table was bad enough. Simple in design, whereas the chair is not. I still feel like I need a few odds and ends in the kitchen, some firewood, a spider, more pictures on the walls, a mousetrap and a pumpkin. Perhaps some tattered, greasy lace curtains. Maybe give the table the same aged look as the sideboard. The kitchen is one of those dollhouse rooms which you can keep shoving stuff into and it looks alright.

Details: the little glass bottle have removable stoppers, there's a key on the sideboard, the tiles around the fireplace and the stove feet are hand-painted (by me), the red hutch has a Hand of Fatima painted on it, I aged the Star above the fireplace, and painted the mice and the casks of rum and whiskey, the plate on the table has Halloween cookies on it. The ceiling and floor tiles came as unfinished white plastic; I painted, aged and smoke-stained them. There's a mixer on top of the cupboard to the left.

Pictures: Painting the mice, table kit, glued together table drying, unfinished kitchen so you can see the painted tiles, kitchen right, kitchen left.

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archersangel said...

very nice. i like the little cat