Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Step into my Parlor

I did it! I finished the Green Gypsy Parlor! I finally tackled the chairs; yowza wowza, that was difficult. Half inch scale is TINY! Those chairs are only two inches tall. I'd been dragging my feet about them, not wanting to take on such an intricate task.

Although I must admit, I'll still fuss, I want two glasses of wine for the table, and maybe a chair in the corner instead of the table holding the egg and the dragon. Or maybe not. There is a tiny stag's head for the parlor, but I need to find a mount for it. Yes, those are "real" Tarot; I have an entire deck in that scale, the rest of the cards are in the side console drawers. Technically, one inch, but why quibble? I would like to print them on cardstock so their backs are not plain. I cheated and lightly glued them to the table. That's not a real spread, it'd be awful if it were. The glass basket on the console holds two real miniature crystals. I also have the front porch and the entryway done. I need a Welcome mat of some kind, maybe one which says "Enter at Your own Risk." I'd also like a picture to place above the matador; he looks alright viewed through the front door, but seems low when seen through the arch of the parlor.

Pictures: Front Porch with male and female lucky Tanukis. Note the brass letterbox. Peeking into the entryway: A Matador I painted, two lucky cats on a table I did the faux marbling on, and the inlaid floor ... that I did not do myself. Three views of the parlor: I painted the pictures myself, the portrait of the green woman isn't visible in the photos. The Egyptian women were once a bookmark (thanks Deb!), Nefertiti and Hathor. I made the candles from tiny wood trim, and I painted the green Snake myself. I also did the marbling on the large round table. The rug began life as a coaster. There is a violin, a shawl, and a proper crystal ball. The books are bound with blue leather. That's a glass dragon in the bookshelf, and an elephant and a chihuahua. The chairs, finished, intermediate and the kit pieces. I made the middle chair for the kitchen from scraps and bits I had about; the inlaid wood trim matches the wood trim along the ceiling in the kitchen. I added a churn to the kitchen.

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archersangel said...

wonderful details. but i'm begining to think the saying is correct; the devil is in the details.