Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Red Wizard's Den

Hey, I have one room done! Done, except for two small details: I want to paint the pewter pieces so they look better; the wizard doorstop and the pirate chest. And maybe touch up the wands.

Details: The shells on the shelf are real ones from Diego Garcia. The hourglass works, there is a framed picture of a young girl on the maps on the desk, the skull holds three wands. There are two black and gold lacquer boxes, one on the desk and one in the bookcase, both open! Japanese miniatures are remarkable. The swords are large, this wizard must be a giant slayer! The books on the floor are too large, they will go into the full size dollhouse. The tiny dragon figurine will go into the Blue Fairy room I think. I also got knobs onto the desk so it looks more finished. I had a cloisonne egg in the room, but it was far too large and threw off the scale. Same with the pewter staff behind the Kannon, that may come out. A "finished" dollhouse room is never truly done.

Oh, and my modem died; I was without internet for *gasp* 36 hours or so. Ack!

Pictures: Almost final room, room in two stages, room with egg, chair kit.


archersangel said...

very nice

Anonymous said...

OMG Margaret I am utterly impressed and envious! WOW!