Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fiddly Bits, Bashing Kits, and All the Gods Came Down

Now that the exterior of the house is done, the furnishing begins. This is not a simple process, you can buy the furniture and accessories and stick them in the rooms, but it will not look good. Fine if you like unfinished and clumsy. The trick is to give the illusion of reality shrunken down. No, furnishing a dollhouse is a process.

First, I unearthed all the things I did buy for the house ages ago. This is the step where you stick things in the rooms, see what fits, what looks good, what looks awkward, what pieces you need to make or acquire. Then there's the kits, assembly required, plus finishing. Then there's distressing, aging and taking the new off existing pieces. Upholstery for chairs and beds, and rugs and throw cushions the size of my little fingernail. Arrange and re-arrange. Make fiddly bits like a fairy lamp from beads. Look online for scale tarot cards (I found them). Next I raided my miniatures stashes, the one inch dollhouse goods, the craft boxes, the floral box, the Christmas box, the pictures and paper box. Sue had sent me a load of miniatures she no longer needed in the antique mall, I went through those. I raided my bead boxes, my jewelry boxes, my crystal and minerals cabinets. Again, arrange, re-arrange, and try things out in the rooms. What works, what does not.

When we were out running errands, I picked up a couple more Buddhas, a Shiva and a Ganesh. I need a Madonna and tiny Egyptian gods. I also need a Blue Fairy doll, two and a half to three inches high. And end tables and plant stands, and and and ....

I am building furniture today, some from kits, some from scratch, some alterations of one inch scale down to half inch.

Household Gods for assorted rooms. Mostly Buddhas, a Kannon, A Shiva, A Ganesh, a Chinese god whose name I do not know. I need some tiny Egyptian gods! and a Madonna.

All rooms are UNFINISHED, I've listed a little bit of what I need to do:
Witches' Kitchen: I have a table kit and a star for above the fireplace.
Green Parlor: I painted the Gypsy portrait, a copy of Franz Hal's The Gypsy, back in 1990. needs chairs and Tarot cards.
Red Wizard's Den: I'm making a black desk from scratch and have a kit for an upholstered chair. I need to make tiny red books for the bookcases.
Tea with the Black Dragon: Chairs need upholstery and paint, I have a tiny purple, gold and black tea set!
Blue Fairy Bedroom: Dress the bed, make a lamp and dressing table bottles, the mirror's white frame has been replaced with an ornate silver one. Need flowers for the tall vase.
Battle of Nevermore attic: I need to paint the Wraith, and install trees and bushes.

Some of my furniture kits. I didn't even show the Haunted Honeymoon Suite, I have so few items for it. Same with the Observatory.

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archersangel said...

it's coming together nicely.

do you have to use tweezers to place some of those things?