Saturday, February 16, 2008

Freak-end is here!

Actually, not much of anything going on. Valentine's Day was nice, although Larry wasn't home. Genius and I went and picked up my new ring, leaf shapes in white gold with tiny diamonds. I found freshwater pearl jewelry on clearance at Dillard's, and we decided on an amethyst journey heart for Desi. Lunch was mall fast Chinese, mandarin chicken and fried rice. Not so yum, but quite tummy filling. See's Candies was so crowded we didn't go in for free samples. We tried to go get my birth certificate request notarized, but there was a hold-up at the credit union. Literally, the place was crawling with cops. Then a quick trip to Bryson's Rock Shop, and as usual I spent too much on strands of beads. I got some lovely citrine nuggets, I'm going to string them with garnets and garnet-colored pearls.

Genius made a cool bound book with pictures from Burning Man last year, nice! You can tell I'm bombed as hell in the Golden Cafe shots. The picture of us at the meet and greet is great, I need a copy of that!

MyLarry is home this weekend, but he's sleeping. Poor guy is exhausted.

I got the tins done, so I can move them off the table now. They're full of magnetic words. Or condoms.

At Genius's urging, I've decided to finish my half-inch scale dollhouse; it has sat unfinished for years. Ten of them, I think. The theme is Fantasy Bed n' Breakfast, each room has a sub-theme. There's a Witches' Kitchen, Red Wizard's Study, Gypsy Parlor, all on the first floor. Second story has a Haunted Honeymoon Suite, Blue Fairy Bedroom, and Tea with the Black Dragon. Yes, I know that's the name of a book. The attic is The Battle of Nevermore, and the Observatory. There is also a wrap-around front porch and a tower with a Hidden Room. Four fireplaces, two bookshelves, a staircase with delicate spindles, and working doors; most of the floors are varnished wood. The entry is inlaid parquet. I need to put on the shingles, gingerbread, finishing trim, the railings and spindles on the front porch, make a chimney cap and get the Tower roof section to fit correctly. Then I can move on to the furnishings and decor. Every room is already papered and painted, it is easiest to do that as you assemble the house rather than wait until you have completely constructed.


k-bay said...

That is a really wonderful dollhouse! The themed rooms are great, and if they were human scale, would just beg for exploration. Do you have someplace to display the house when it's done?

Also, your new jewelry sounds very lovely.

MaggieMayDay said...

Thank you! I think I do have a place for it, but I might have to have a lucite box made, to drop over it so the dust and the cats don't get at it.

archersangel said...

that's a very interesting dollhouse & the lucite box sounds like a good idea.