Tuesday, February 19, 2008

American Science & Surplus ROX!

Ah, that time of year when I begin acquiring bits and bobs for Burning Man projects. American Science and Surplus is a fun catalog to shop, or online at sciplus.com. Overstocks, oddities, bits and pieces and odds and ends, a plethora of weird and wacky schtuff. My order showed up yesterday, and the pics are some of the highlights. There's a pocket sundial in brass, with all the bells and whistles such as a level and a compass and a latitudinal gauge. And no instructions! Then there's the Stickman in Peril warning stickers, puffy plastic reflective triangles. My favorite is the jellyfish. I also have a new cane/walking stick. Adjustable from 27 to 56 inches, has a soft grip and a swiveling 5 LED lamp built into the handle, anodized purple aluminum with shock absorbers. Very futuristic, I bet I can't get it on an airplane. The rest of the nifty haul: a fake security camera (oh the fun, the fun in the portapotties), a talking back-up alarm for the bike, an assortment of temp tatts, 638 2ml glass bottles, two "iconic" dashboard mascots, one a monkey tiki head, the other a cow skull, and a box of instamold powder. Now we can mold things and make our own candle molds. Things. ANY things. Nudge nudge wink wink.

Household mundanities: I've been sorting MyLarry's closet, I've weeded out some vintage 80s pants and shirts which are going to the Friends of MS for their thriftshop. I'd like to apologize in advance for the selection, I sincerely hope the clothes don't send anyone into a flashback sequence. There's a vintage 70s disco dress which belonged to Mom, I don't think it has ever been worn. My closet next, or at least the stash of custom clothes from Thailand which do not and will not ever fit again. Not to mention won't be back in style for another 20-odd years! Those are hiding in the guest closet in the basement, along with MyLarry's Navy crackerjacks and BDUs, five faux fur coats, several tuxedos, assorted evening gowns, muu-muus and many costume pieces. What Not to Wear would have a field day. I mean, yes, I NEED that marching band jacket and the dishdasha and the hoop skirt. Possibly all at once.


archersangel said...

what a colorful group of stuff.

MaggieMayDay said...

I practically live in a museum/junk shop/antique store!!!!

k-bay said...

Love the stash. And I'm trying very hard not to flashback on the 80s-style clothes. Or muu-muus. I guess if I want to sing "Mele Kalikimaka," I can go out in the back yard and terrify the deer, and not do out-of-season Christmas songs on your blog (like some executive producers we know and love, but who can't remember the month very well. "Damn, I forgot to wind my calendar," lol. I wish you and a couple of the other commenters could jine up with Joe & Co. to write a spoof script.)

MaggieMayDay said...

When I was 12, I lived in Ewa Beach!

And yeah, I've been to Kahana Bay. Big Island, right?

k-bay said...

You lived in Ewa?? Awesome!! That was one of my favorite beaches. Man, the world is a small place! Did your family get chances to go to Honolulu and stuff, or drive up the west coast to Makaha? - Cool that you got to see the Big Island; I've only been on Oahu, but had a great time while Dad was stationed at Ft. Shafter and then Schofield.

Kahana Bay is on eastern Oahu, to the north of Kaneohe and Billings AFB. It's not remarkable for anything. But about four years back I went to visit a friend who was stationed at Tripler Hospital, and on my last night on Oahu I was driving south on Kam Hwy. when I saw Kahana Bay under a full moon on a clear night, and it was gorgeous. (Too bad I'm not a photographer!) But I've loved the memory and the pretty name ever since.