Tuesday, February 5, 2008

One of Those Days

Sigh, had to cancel the dentist appointment, my brother apparently forgot. I'd walk, but not in winter with this much snow on the ground, too much ice and too many unshoveled sidewalks. I'd never get up the hill on 30th. I no longer trust my bounce-back capacity. Even if I could drive, there's no vehicles here, the Boo is in West Valley and Desi took the Trailblazer to school. This also means I won't get to vote, they moved my polling place from the school around the corner to a school up on the bench. At least I can mail my package if I choose, it can go in the automated checker thingy, I can take the bus for that, or wait until MyLarry gets home. This could be late at night, he's the fifth truck in line for unloading, and the construction sites aren't precisely quick movers.

Eplaya ... what a meltdown. Very ugly when one of our regulars loses it. Real lunacy, I actually think the man needs a medical intervention and some very strong meds. So scary! Dork and I are consulting, I am so glad I don't have to moderate that craziness by myself anymore. I took down my blog link in my siggy, just in case things get weirder than usual. I have a Bad Feeling about this one. (Personal note to K if you're reading this, you're the only eplayan who reads me that I know about, so my venting isn't aimed at anyone, it is merely venting).

I thought MyLarry was going overboard a bit shoveling the roof of the patio, but a woman was killed yesterday here in Ogden. Her carport collapsed on her, brought down by the weight of the snow on old wood. Damn.

Ah the SGA cast announcements. I should have held the Obsession blog for today. I'm amused! vastly, greatly and immensely amused. There is a lot of intelligent discussion, but the knee-jerk reactions are endlessly fascinating. Thank you, Mr. Spock.

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