Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mrs. Bucky gets a Boob Job.

Huzzah! Mrs. Bucky's eBay Boob Job arrived today. These are weird jiggly things, I can understand why they're nicknamed "chicken cutlets". Squishy goodness. I bet they don't taste like chicken! Made of silicon encased in polyurethane, one is supposed to avoid punctures. And run to the ER if any of the faux boobie is ingested. I'd rather not contemplate the scenarios. Of course, the tits don't stay in her Hot Topic DD cups, so I had to surgically attach them with fabric tape. I'll need a second roll for touch-ups. Ah, living the American Dream, boob jobs by mail.

I worked on the dollhouse shingles. Feh! I'd forgotten what a fiddly picky chore individual miniature shingles can be. I got the back roof done, and part of the side before I had enough and quit. I can do the lower rows while seated, but I need to stand to do the upper rows. My neck and shoulder and back are having fits and I quit at noon. Insert the bad word of your choice HERE.

And Sit Up Straight.


archersangel said...

mrs. bucky looks happy with her new boobs

MaggieMayDay said...

Mr. Bucky is also Very Happy!