Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap This

Ever have One of Those Days? Days when nothing is wrong, but nothing feels right? I'm still shingling the dollhouse and I had to stop, all the slivery bits of wood and glue drying on my hands got itchy. I'll have a rash, I just know it. MyLarry should be home late this evening; he has a co-driver trainee, so he's actually slower. Doesn't push as hard, takes real meal breaks instead of grab and runs. I think the company does him good.

My brother is borrowing the Trailblazer until their home equity loan comes through and they can buy a new used car next week. Last time my keys came home, I though they were light, maybe the big ring was gone. I didn't catch on that my freakin' FUEL key and SPEEDPASS were missing. So now my brother can't put fuel in the vehicle. We can't get in touch with either Ford or Desi, one of those two has the borrowed fuel key, or they've lost it. We're going to cancel the credit card anyway; but I am not the primary card holder so I can't do it. Oddly enough, I can get new credit card numbers and new cards and passes. Huh. At any rate, this little bump in the road on top of itchy skin, and I'm Mizz Crankypants. I suppose the solution is to simply take off my pants. Yeah, that sounds good.

Mrs. Bucky's boobs aren't staying up. Need a new non-surgical solution.

That tax credits bill in Canada sounds rough. Sounds like their conservatives would feel right at home here in Utah down in Happy Valley, the Mormon Mothership. That's where people were complaining about store mannequins being underdressed. No, really. Mannequins. And one woman said her twelve year old son was embarrassed by the Victoria's Secret photos in the windows. Uh, it's underwear. We all wear it. Most of us, usually. And then there's the Sheetz "crispy frickin' chicken" ads. That's in PA I think. Anyway, some people find the billboards offensive and want them removed. The word "frickin'" is offensive they say. HUH? Frell me! What the fetch do these freakin' freaks think a frakking offensive word IS?! Fudge, this makes me so flippin' mad! FUCK! There, I said it. I mean, honestly, fuck is a perfectly good word which should be used with regularity, to remind us all of where we come from. "Oh, it's for the children." Well, someone, at least two someones, had to fuck to have children. And nudity? Okay, I can understand not wanting to see assorted genitalia all day, but a flash of thigh or cleavage or bum? Why not? Sex should be GOOD! Sex is not dirty. We should be able to talk about sex openly and let people make informed decisions. All this whisper whisper crap must stop! That's why our Utah burner event went to 21+, in case a child under the age of 14 sees a naked adult. We have naturalists at the event, so what? Kids understand naked people, sure they might want to be discreet if they're doing um, naked sports shall we say. But plain old nudity? The world needs to relax about things likes boobs and buns. Heck, boobs are joyful happy things, adorning half the population. Boobies wouldn't be dirty if we didn't make them dirty. They'd just be boobs. Yes, the personal act between two adults is special and private, no one is asking to screw in the streets. Just celebrate it, don't hide it! Sheesh. Oh, and fuck.


archersangel said...

Mrs. Bucky's boobs aren't staying up. Need a new non-surgical solution.
maybe glue wires on them & tie them to the ribcage?

as for "frickin'" people need to unbunch their shorts. my mom heard about that & said; "it's not the f-word." when she was growing up her mother made her leave the room when an ad for "sanitary napkins" came on the tv.
i read somewhere that it was acceptable for women to expose most of their breasts in 16th or 17th europe. it was the legs being exposed they had a problem with.

MaggieMayDay said...

In Europe, there's plenty of nude beaches, and women often go swimming without the top half covered. I wish people would just relax!