Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Snowed again today, not too much, but with nasty high winds. We cleared up quickly enough, but the folks around Utah Lake down in Utah County, they're screwed. Some folks have been sitting in their cars for over six hours, running out of gas. Search and Rescue is now shuttling them by snowmobile to churches to shelter for the night. There was a ten car pile-up and the police loaded people onto a school bus which was behind the wreck, and used that to transport people to a fire station for triage. Some kids have been on buses for hours, although they've all been shuttled to either churches or back to the elementary school by now. Kids whose parents can't get through to them have to spend the might at school. There's enough people who could bring food and sleeping bags, and they're playing games, reading and watching movies. Massive slumber party! Still, some parents must be freaking out and screeching like banshees with entitlement issues as big as Paris Hilton's illusions of class. Hey, snow is as snow does.

I-15 isn't so bad in comparison, but MyLarry is bringing up drywall to Ogden. Big, heavy load on a big, heavy truck. I guess that's safer than a little car. He's the lead truck, two other Central drivers are running with him. Gee, wonder why they put him in front? Oh yeah, because he's good. I don't know when or if he'll be home tonight. As long as he's safe, I'm happy.

Stupid printer. Giving me stupid errors. And then stupid jamming. And stupid not recognizing that I cleared the jam and reset the stupid thing. I need to copy our disability letters from the VA, let's hear it for property tax waivers for disabled vets! Huzzah! Stupid printer.

I feel so steampunk each time I huzzah. Huzzah!


archersangel said...

snow, *rolls eyes* what can you do.

in other news i can't get in to my account at! i sent an e-mail about it, but who knows when i can get back in there. if you could pass that along to the ladies i'd apreciate it.

MaggieMayDay said...

You too? Deb and Imzadi are also off!