Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Baby Steps

Spring has sproing. Today is warm, in the forties, very nice! There's still plenty of snow on the ground, but it has begun melting. The flowerbeds are wet and mucky; I pulled a lot of the nasty old rotted crap out of the front iris bed. The yarrow spreads like melted butter on a waffle, I tore out a bunch of that too. Underneath it all, my hyacinths have shoved up through the dirt. Never ceases to amaze me.

I didn't finish the front flowerbed, although it is quite small. I got winded very easily and had to quit halfway through the clean-up. My new soft grey leather gloves have been baptized in the dark muddy dirt. I'll try to do more tomorrow.

I have all the fiddly bits of trim on the dollhouse. Not that anyone who hasn't been tracking it can tell except myself. I got in the box to get the chimney cap pieces. Oh-oh. They've been punched out of the wooden sheets and are not in my bits bag. Oops. Crap. I will have to make one out of scraps. No telling what monstrosity I will create, other than it will be made of luan plywood and painted with black acrylic paints.

The tvek jumpsuit fits me although it looks like it could easily clothe a seven foot tall man. I am going to mark where the piping and panels go from the pictures I screencapped of Furlow. Then I will cut it apart and use it as a pattern. I have two more in case I screw up. Entirely possible.

Four More Books:

The Birth of Satan, tracing the devil's biblical roots T.J. Wray & Gregory Mobley
non-fiction, soft bound, unread. One of those books I acquired by accident and sounds more interesting than I found it. I'd have to read the Bible, and that ain't happening.

Anasai Boys Neil Gaiman, hardback, fiction, I rather liked it but doubt I will reread it.

The Bondmaid Catherine Lim Hardback fiction "a dramatic love story" set in old China.

Kiln People David Brin hardback science fiction A world where you can make endless copies of yourself to do your dirty work. Entertaining, detective work in the future.

And the first four are still up for grabs.

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