Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Art Hurts

Ah, another mundanity day. I feel much better, no reason, but I think it has to do with the Wicked PeriMenopause easing off. TMI, I Know.

I worked on the dollhouse much of the day. This seems like nothing much, but measuring and cutting and painting and gluing all absorb time like sponges in dirty dishwater. I got the tower roof flat, and the tower trim on, plus a goodly chunk of the gingerbread and the porch railings in place. That leaves the trim on the copper roofs of the bay windows, fiddly bits of trim here and there, the shingles, the chimney cap and flashing, and the trim for the roof ends. The shingles, there's a chore. Of course, the minute I get all that done, the next thing will crop up. And then I get to tackle interiors. And I still have to crank enough art for Element 11, Dark Skies and Burning Man. Whew!

I redressed the Buckys for spring in their new Hot Topic clearance lingerie. While I was moving Little Miss Bucky, her hardware sliced my thumb and meaty part of my palm. Not big cuts, but they bled like mad and made me queasy. The things we do for art! I did bid on a low budget boob job for Mrs. Bucky on eBay. "Breast Friends." Silicon boobs to stuff in her bra. With nipples yet!

Pictures: Moonrise over Mt. Ogden (yesterday), gluing the tower trim, porch railings which aren't as yellow as they look, dusty rose gingerbread (one eave of three), the Buckys family portrait, Mrs. Bucky rocks her new bra and hat! Can't wait for the eBay boobs to arrive!

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archersangel said...

sorry about your hand.

i'm sure that mrs. bucky will be happy with her new boobs.