Thursday, February 7, 2008


The butterscotch fudge is fine, the chocolate fudge is so soft you can eat it with a spoon.

If you wash laundry, you must fold laundry. If you cook, you must wash pans. If the dishes are clean, you must put them away. Hardly seems worth the effort some days.

So, it snowed again today. Windy this morning, with snow. Big fat fluffy flakes this afternoon. There's not much of an accumulation, but the view through the big windows is dreary and white. Long expanses of very white everything under an overcast white sky, such a downer. I felt like I should change my name to Anastasia, don boots and fur hats. I take heart in that we're supposed to see temps in the 40s this weekend. I'd rather go to Paris. But then, I've done Paris in winter, it's warmer here.

My hair is red now, shiny! Although I only used one box and combed it down, so the ends are faded brown. I have to decide if I'm going to Manic Panic them or not. Electric Lava is the name of the color I have for the highlights. Messy stuff, Manic Panic.

I did bake bread, the loaf turned out quite nice. I tried to make fudge for MyLarry. That did not go as well. I had a different type of marshmallow creme, and followed the recipe on the jar. There were a few differences between that recipe and the one I'm used to making. Either it was too humid today, or I didn't bring the boiling sugar up high enough long enough... or could it be I forgot most of the butter because this recipe added it at a different stage? Anyway, the fudge came out more like milk chocolate, quite light. And soft. As in not set up. Not hot fudge sauce soft, nor frosting soft, more like cold Nutella soft. I may have to make dipped candies with fudge filling. Yeah, that'll help me lose weight.

So with half a can of evaporated milk and the knowledge that if I didn't use it soon, I wouldn't use it at all, I decided on a second batch of fudge. This time I was going to use brown sugar and butterscotch chips. I used the recipe I knew, planning to sub in the brown sugar. D'oh! I had all the white sugar dumped in before I realized what I was doing. Ah well. I made up for it by throwing in a batch of chopped pecans. It is tasty. Much stiffer than the first batch, but I still have my doubts about the humidity. I hope MyLarry likes it, he's going to have to take it on the truck.

Oddest thing, I checked my chocolate cookbook for fudge recipes. I love this book, it has the best chocolate recipes ever! I found fudge brownies and fudge sauce, but not fudge. There were a dozen different truffle recipes with dozens of variations and flavors; but not one fudge recipe. Curious. Yes, I've made truffles. I make darn good truffles. Just not lately.

I did get dressed today, mostly. I pulled on my freshly laundered jeans. Um. Huh. They were tight as all get out. This is Not So Good. Oh, I could make excuses, but I seem to be fat. So I wore my Pirate Stewie jammy pants. Hey, I practically have a prescription for them, the doc said I should wear sweat pants so as not to pinch the nerve across my hip. How ultimately depressing. Could it have anything to do with the holidays and all the winter baking? Hmm?

No eplaya drama, knock wood. He seems to have backed off, or maybe he has found the help he needs. All I know is things are calmer all around.

MyLarry will be home tonight. He has a drywall delivery in Centerville tomorrow, then he comes home Friday evening. There are no steel loads, all the other flatbed drivers have been sent home. He has a rheumatology appointment on Monday morning, we'd quite forgotten. He's taken the day off, so he can go to his, and then take me to the neurologist in the afternoon. Don't age, it sucks. The good part is that while I don't get to go to Vegas for our 21st anniversary (the 9th), I do get to spend it with my hubby. Yay! Snuggletown, here we come!

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archersangel said...

glad to hear that there isn't any "eplaya drama" there's enought in RL without finding in on-line IMHO.