Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Who says there's no Housing Construction Jobs?

The dollhouse is leaping along. That nifty chimney cap I started yesterday? I messed it up, glued the larger panels inside the smaller sides. Ooopsy. So I took it all apart and began again. I do think the chimney cap looks good, although I glued it in a little crooked. The flashing is cove, and I remember now that I can't miter cove worth a damn, even with my miter box. Amazing the faults black paint will hide. I stole the chimney finishing flashing trim from my other dollhouse; it used to serve as a chair rail in the master bedroom. Standard stock I can replace it easily. Still messed it up, but no one will notice.

I dabbed some paint on the eave bottoms and sides. That's an area which will not usually show, but if it does, raw wood looks unfinished and detracts from the miniature illusion.

Next was the shingle guidelines. They are more of a suggestion than hard and fast lines. Even with a precision rule I can't draw straight. Pics today: chimney cap progress, drawing the lines for the shingles, the Red Wizard's Den, Witches Kitchen, and two views of the Gypsy Queen's Parlor. If you click on the pictures and get a good look, you can see the remains of the dust which gathered over a decade! The wallpaper is Japanese premium washi paper. Cool stuff!

Poor Cricket fell off the front porch step. She went out to potty; now that she can get up on the snow in the front yard she insists on going there. Her feet were wet when she came back. I held the door open and whistled, she trotted back and hopped up onto the bottom step. She's too fat and old for hopping. Her feet slipped and she rolled over and flopped on the sidewalk. I don't think shje's hurt, but she looked very, very confused poor thing.

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